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10 key features of ecommerce website

Some great effects to include on your homepage are featured or best- selling products, callouts for free shipping, any current discount offer or fidelity program, and user testimonials or credibility logos.
High-quality photos and videos

Visual content gets users’ attention, keeps them engaged, and helps them make purchase opinions. Using high- quality photos and videos on your site makes you look professional and improves the stoner experience.
Studies have indeed suggested that product videos make shoppers 80 again likely to buy a product, which makes videotape one of our top key features of ane-commerce website.
Photos and videos are very help full for e-commerce business because visitor can not touch the product but see that product that’s why you need to add high quality photos and videos.

User-friendly navigation

If users can’t quickly find what they need on your ecommerce site, they’re unlikely to stick around long and even less likely to make a purchase.
When user get bad experience on your website they put negative reviwes on your website. Helpful, easy-to-use navigation is one of the most essential ecommerce website features.

Ratings, reviews, and other social proof

Do you read online reviews before you make a purchase? So do 95% of customers. And, more than 70% of users won’t make a purchase until they’ve read reviews, making ratings and reviews one of the top ecommerce website essentials.

Reporting and management

You MUST HAVE to report!

You can run reports to see how important profit is approaching in during specific time periods and which products are your highest sellers so you can use that data to drive your future promotional sweats.
Most e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify will have reporting built-in. Still, you can also track sales via Google Analytics and you also connect your Google Conversion Event with this for track you event which is created by you.
Some other backend functionalities you may want to include on your point are tracking information, inventory operation, reduction and creation operation, cart abandonment, and SEO optimization.

Payment options

What makes a good ecommerce website? The way you accept payment. Allowing as many popular payment options as possible improves your customers’ experience and can encourage transformations.
In addition to major credit cards, consider accepting payment methods similar as PayPal. Display icons of accepted payment styles on your point so shoppers know in advance what they can use to buy your products.

Detailed shipping and return information

Providing detailed shipping and return policy facts can help shoppers feel more comfortable about making a purchase, which increases transformations.
Make your shipping information and return policy easy to find and easy to decide. Your website’s footer is an excellent place to put links to this information
Offering a generous return policy and free or low- cost shipping can accelerate your conversion rate, but they ’re note-commerce rudiments.

Shopping cart

In terms of your shopping cart, the checkout expertise should require as many way as attainable so to reduce friction and speed of the sale. Include billing, shipping, payment styles, the capability to modify the product volume, an option to save your products for later, or to subscribe in or produce an account all on one page.
When the user clicks into their cart, show them all the applicable details, similar as the name, price, and volume of each product in their cart. Shoppers should also be suitable to remove particulars or change item volume directly from their cart.
Also, allow guests to save their cart so they can come back to it later.

Item availability

Many effects in online shopping are more frustrating than deciding on a product — or even making a purchase — only to discover that the item you want is out of stock. You must rethink your purchase decision or stay an unidentified amount of time for the company to restock.
Help your customers avoid this frustration by making the availability of each product prominent on its productpage.However, include information about when it’ll be available again, If an item is out of stock.

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page

A well- thought-out and fluently accessible FAQ page can help make users’ experience on your website much moreconvenient.However, a FAQ runner can help them find the answer quickly, If users have a question. So, make an FAQ runner one of your ecommerce website’s features
When first creating your FAQ page, communicate questions users may have, suppose about questions you frequently get, and consider whether there’s anything you want users to know that would fit well on the FAQ page.


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