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Difference between static website and dynamic website

What is a static website?

A static website consists of a series of HTML files, each one representing a physical page of a website. On static sites, each page is a separate HTML file. When you visit the homepage, you are viewing only the actual homepage file.

Even if two pages contain a chunk of identical content like a footer, the footers exist as two separate versions. So, if you want to update the footer, you must do so on each page.

Static websites are fairly straightforward, and all websites were built this way during the early years of the world wide web.

What is a dynamic website?

A dynamic site utilizes server innovations (like PHP) to progressively assemble a page right when a client visits the page.

In the wake of composing in a specific web address, the server will discover a lot of various snippets of data that it then, at that point, composes into a solitary strong website page. You could contrast a powerful site with a mosaic. That sorted-out website page is then what you’ll see as the watcher.

This method of building pages is viewed as “on the fly” and enjoys a few benefits, which we’ll survey straightaway.

The Advantages of static sites

• Much better security
Here is the thing each time you visit a unique site, it needs to speak with a data set and make every one of the documents that your program downloads to your PC on the fly. Nonetheless, your site is in a bad way, If programmers discover a way to weasel themselves into your information base.

Accordingly, dynamic sites are a screwing wreck. There, I said it. You need to continue to refresh effects constantly, and consistently be keeping watch for new security takes advantage of. That’s the reason an expected 70 of all WordPress sites are helpless against realized security takes advantage of.

• Faster load speeds
Static destinations are quicker. Heritage dynamic destinations need to communicate with an information base previous to making every one of the records that your program needs to download. Static locales avoid that progression completely, which is the reason they’re constantly multiple times quicker than their dynamic partners.

• More flexibility
The mind-boggling larger part of all dynamic sites is based on either WordPress or Drupal. That implies you begin with a one-size-fits-all arrangement, which you also, at that point, attempt to tweak serviceably well by adding different plugins.

The Disadvantages of static sites

• Usually static websites lack components such as comments, user login, recommendation engine, real time notifications etc. However, these can still be added through some 3rd party external services.

• Programming knowledge is required to work with static websites. As we need to use static website generator tools that are quite technical in nature, users who wish to use static websites should be technically capable.

• Content Management Systems (CMS) are usually missing in static websites. However there does exist some 3rd party CMS services such as Contentful that can overcome this issue.

The Advantages of Dynamic Website

• Interactive Website: A dynamic website is a user-driven page that changes according to the wishes of the user. It interacts with the user, understands the user behavior, and adjusts to fit the user commands.

• Easy to Update: Unlike in a static website, the content in a dynamic website is easy to change and update according to the needs of the business owner. This makes the main difference between static and dynamic websites.

• Require no Expert Knowledge: Because the information is easy to update and change, a dynamic website does not require coding skills. You only need to change a single template, and the changes will reflect on the pages of the same file.

The Disadvantages of Dynamic website

• Very Expensive: Not every firm or company can afford the development of a dynamic website. The development and the hosting charges are too high, making most business owners to shy away.

• Slow Processing: Since a dynamic website performs many functions using complex technology, the processing and loading speed can be a bit slow.

• Takes more time to develop initially.

How do websites even work?

We should consider another how sites are conveyed to our cybersurfers.

What you see when you head to my site (you’re on it this moment, idiotic!) is a mix of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

HTML is the real substance of the site.

CSS is the styling of the site — colors, edges, textual styles, etc.

Javascript empowers too complex elements, similar to the usefulness of my portable menu button, and the unobtrusive page advances as you move to start with one page on my site then onto the next.

You additionally see some different means like picture records and text style documents.

These variables are viewed as static substances. They’re in a real sense simply ordinary lines that your cybersurfer briefly downloads to your PC to show my site.

Is it true that you are still with me? Ideally, I haven’t lost you as of now.

As it were, each site that you find in your program is static.

In any case, despite this, an impressive portion of all sites online are quite called ” dynamic” sites. So what could this possibly mean?! All things considered, if you can attempt to hold back your energy for one minute, I’ll tell you.

A few sites strongly prompt the static substance that you wind up finding in your program by asking a data set on a garçon for data. So every time you visit a powerful site, it needs to ” make” the static documents before your program can download them.

At the point when you visit a static site, then again, you can skirt that progression. The site has effectively been constructed, and your program can quickly begin downloading all the substance!


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