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12 key features of real estate website

Fresh and evergreen information

In addition to neighborhood attendants, pepper your website with information that’s useful to buyers and merchandisers. Be an necessary companion to original hotspots and source of the rearmost real estate news. Share expert tips and advice on home buying and selling processes, home advancements, backing, and other real estate related motifs. Give request data updates. One of the stylish real estate website features you can have is a blog with intriguing and over-to- date motifs. This will keep your point current and let observers know you ’re on top of your request.

Responsive Design

Browsing on the go is the new norm. However, you’re setting yourself back times, If you still don’t have a responsive website. But to give your observers a truly satisfying experience, you have to offer further than a website that loads presto on a mobile device. Confirm the features to make browsing and interfacing easy and satisfying anyhow of the device. For illustration, show a side to side listing prints on mobile phones for a detailed look at the property indeed on a small screen. Make sure lead prisoner forms can be fluently filled out and transferred indeed on the mobile bias.

There are a number of reasons your website should feature responsive design. First and foremost is that a similar design helps boost the stoner experience. When your website offers a pleasurable and intuitive stoner experience, implicit guests are more likely to stick around.
Good responsive design can also ameliorate how people interact with your point in a number of ways. It lets them move through images snappily and seamlessly, and can allow them to bring up property comparisons so they can look at features of different parcels.

Photographs and Videos

A huge part of dealing a property is visual media similar as photos, videos, and sometimes VR tours. Paired with detailed descriptions, using high- quality photos help clients from a shortlist of properties they actually want to tour. High- quality, applicable photos of the property play a big part in attracting implicit buyers.
Make sure that the photos have good resolution and fit in with your responsive design. Also, make sure you show all apartments and amenities. Listing a condo unit that doesn’t show any images of the actual unit can discourage clients. In the ultramodern age, walk-through videos of properties can be a big help and give your clients a better idea of the overall sense of a property.

Multiple calls to action

Calls to action are among the best real estate website features. They encourage implicit clients to touch base. Occasionally, a website visitor wants to send an inquiry but wo n’t know-how. A call to action provides a way for them to take the coming step without committing to anything. It can be something asnon-intrusive as a “ Read more” button, which encourages them to explore your website more. Or it can be a “ What’s my home worth?” or a “ Communicate us” form, which requires them to leave their contact information that you can follow up on.

Have multiple CTAs on your home and inner pages to prompt observers at any stage of browsing. For example, commodity they read on a neighborhood companion might get them excited about living in the area. A strategic “ Communicate Us” button on the page can spur them to take that first step.
Strategic CTAs shouldn’t fail to show what the prospect customer clicked at. Short dispatches with the right sense of urgency can’t only get leads but possible transformations as well. The buttons should always direct to the correct page, anyhow of the device used.

Automation for marginal tasks

Effective real estate websites give opportunities to automate some CRM functions using the point’s backend database. For example, transferring out vacation greetings for the top of mind mindfulness, or events announcements, similar as open houses, a tour of new development, real- time updates, and others. The best property websites incorporate automation that allows you to reach as numerous clients as you can while effectively managing your costs.

Backend databases (CRS and CRM)

Your database is one of your most precious capital. It’s a major element of your entire network, with data that you can share with other professionals to increase your referrals. As you make engagement in your website, you need an effective backend database system or content operation system to efficiently store, manage, and retrieve leads and client information. The best property websites integrate backend databases with CRM tools to ensure no contact is missed and the websites’ benefits are optimized.

NAP(Name, Address And phone number)

NAP is very useful for this business because its helps to connect client with you when they need your services and they need more details about property. Don’t miss this features otherwise you will miss your customers.

Social sharing

Social sharing is a very great tool, its works in your favor as well as, it spreads more information about your properties and your services through the Net and brings you more potential buyers.

Map Location

Linking your listings to Google Maps helps tell potential clients the full story. With a precise map location they can see where the property is relative to local amenities, such as schools, and major transport hubs. It will help your business to get more reach.

While Google Maps provides an easy-to-understand and use static map, you may want to consider taking this a step further. You could use an aerial photograph of the area to mark local services and amenities, have a graphic designer create a specially illustrated map, or use real estate mapping software to create an interactive map with relevant information.


It doesn’t matter how much great information you provide if it’s buried. Don’t make visitors scroll down several screens to find contact information, listing-search tools, or neighborhood data. Organize content into categories and provide clear links on the home page. A site map helps consumers find what they’re looking for.

Brand promotion

Marketing a Realtor’s brand is the foremost part of real estate websites. Let clients know why they should choose you over your competition. Highlight your unique services. Do you offer free home staging? Are you a concierge Realtor who can get your guests tickets to a big concert? Do you have a financing background? Any of these can reverberate with the right guests.

Show your achievements, including deals and assiduity awards. Don’t scrimp on the witnesses. Social evidence is one of the most important tools in real estate marketing — people want to know they’re making the right choice grounded on what others say. Likewise, promote your persona — if you’re on Television, have just recently published a book, or are active in community projects, potential clients should know about that.

Targeted SEO

There’s no getting around it — if you want your website to be seen, you need to incorporate search engine optimization or SEO. Further, 90 of home buyers use the internet when searching for homes, and the vast maturity of online users click only on the top results of search engine returns. Your thing is to come to a top 10 real estate website or better.

SEO makes your business easier to find on the internet. It builds your online presence as it increases organic traffic to your website. It also helps in boosting brand mindfulness and encouraging brand recognition and recall.

By targeting the right demand, you generate quality leads. And by providing visitors with quality content and the information they seek, you establish your business expertise. As you make trust and authority, search engines will look further positively upon your website and put you on top of the rankings.

Effective SEO involves further than just peppering your website with keywords. The top 100 real estate websites effectively make use of a magazine of SEO tools and techniques. For the best results, hire an expert to do the work for you.


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